Children’s Author Kimberly Sentek Joins Page Bound Success

KimberlySentek01We are pleased to announce Kimberly Sentek has joined Page Bound Success. Kimberly is a former editor and the author of the adorable Nico & Tugger children’s series about two dogs who become brothers.

You can visit her website at We are very excited to have Kimberly join our ranks.

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J.R. Bale to be a Panelist at Norwood Book Festival – May 14th

JRB21080116s3On May 14, 2016, J.R. Bale will be a panelist at the Norwood Book Festival at the Norwood Library and grounds in Norwood, NJ. The topic for J.R. and his fellow panelist will be “Getting Down to Business: the Publishing Industry.”  His fellow panelists include L.G. O’Connor, Nancy Viau and Andy Rose.

J.R. will also do a signing for his novel, Phoenix in the Middle of the Road.

Norwood-LogoClick here for more information about the Norwood Book Festival, including other panels and readings. The festival has been organized by Dylann Rhea.

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Thriller Novelist Pam Hegarty Joins Page Bound Success

PamHegarty2Please welcome Pamela Hegarty to our group. Pam is the award-winning author of international best-sellers The Seventh Stone and The Emerald Tablet, thrillers with heart-pounding action, historical intrigue and cutting edge technology. And she has a third Christa Devlin novel coming soon.

Pam’s adventured in more than 40 countries on six continents. She’s summited Mount Kilimanjaro, backpacked the Inca Trail and was almost eaten by lions in the Serengeti. She has published ten guidebooks and more than 300 travel articles.

We are “thrilled” to have Pam join our ranks.

Click here to visit her website.
Click here to visit her Goodreads page.

SeventhStone EmeraldTablet
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“The Forgotten Revolution” makes Heritage Books 2015 Top Ten List

TopTen-500x469Congratulations to historian Robert Mayers, author of The Forgotten Revolution. His historic non-fiction book made the Heritage Books top-ten bestellers list for 2015. Heritage Books published over 300 books last year, putting The Forgotten Revolution easily into their top four percent of sales. In his book, Bob Mayers covers many vital, but lesser known, activities and engagements of the American Revolution, garnering many excellent reviews by fellow historians.

This news comes just months before his next book is due out.

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Phoenix in the Middle of the Road Launches

PhoenixCoverConcept1-500x753Phoenix in the Middle of the Road by J.R. Bale is in official launch mode, now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

Synopsis: David Grant, former businessman and current academic, is coaxed into running for Congress as an Independent. In doing so, he enters the challenging and bizarre world of national politics, testing his abilities and straining his moral compass.

Meanwhile, a series of intensely partisan agendas unfold, causing a series of dominoes to fall, ultimately bringing the country to its knees in a constitutional crisis. Grant finds himself in a unique position to save the country, yet it might also destroy what he values most: his family and his integrity.

BaleBookSigningThis gripping epic captures the passion, nuance and complexity of modern politics, yet never forgets the humanity of its participants.

J.R. Bale (pictured left) signing books at the Watchung Library.


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Bob Mayers Fall Speaking Series

BFS21122207-Bob-PistolAuthor and Revolutionary War historian, Bob Mayers, has begun his fall 2015 speaking schedule. He talks about local battles and lesser known details of the era. Bob’s current books in clude The War Man and The Forgotten Revolution.

  • October 15 at 7:30PM, Bob will speak at Daughters of the American Revolution-Beacon Fire Chapter, Summit Library, 75 Maple Street, Summit, N.J. on “The Forgotten Revolution in Central New Jersey-Revisiting Nearby Places of the American Revolution that have been neglected by History”  This talk will focus on events in the war near the Summit, N.J. area, including the march of the Continental and French Armies to Yorktown in 1781, the Battle of the Short Hills and the major encampments at Pompton, Jockey Hollow and Middle Brook.
  • October 21 at 6:00 PM, Bob Mayers will speak at Chatham Township Historical Society Annual Dinner at the Meyersville Inn, 632 Meyersville Rd, Gillette, N.J., on “The Forgotten Revolution in Nearby New Jersey – Revisiting Places of the American Revolution that have been neglected by History.” Events in nearby towns in your local area such as the march through New Jersey to Yorktown in 1781, The Battle of the Short Hills, Pompton and Jockey Hollow.

Bob’s next book, Searching for Yankee Doodle-Washington’s Common Soldiers in the American Revolution , early in 2016 by the American History Press.

More information on Bob Mayers events and books can be found on his website, You can also follow him on Twitter.

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“A Timely Execution” by Ian Kelquist Now Available on Kindle

TimelyExecutionCoverB-500x800Congratulations to author Ian Kelquist on the publication of his excellent short story, A Timely Execution. It’s a wonderfully ironic science fiction tale about time travel, destiny and free will, reminiscent of one of the better Twilight Zone episodes.
A Timely Execution” on Amazon:

William Devlin, once Chief Judge of the controversial Finality Board, now moves to the other side of the bench, sealing his fate, 96 years in the making. Using time dislocation technology, he addresses the ultimate question of free will versus fate. Devlin must choose between his high principles of justice and his human desire to survive.

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A Good Start?

Over half a million books are published every year. Most of them are self-published, which means these author must actively market their book themselves. But why do it alone?

That’s why I started Page Bound Success. It’s a place where (mostly) self-published authors can come together. Even if you have an agent, an author usually has to participating in the marketing of that work. But nothing is free. Oh, there’s no charge. However, honestly if you want to others to help you, you need to help them. How?

  • Build word-of-mouth
  • Tweet
  • Buy a fellow author’s book
  • Promote book signings
  • Recommend a fellow author’s book
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