10/30/2016 Event – Bob Mayers Speaks at Fishkill

Author and historian Bob Mayers will be part of a full-day program, sponsored by the Friends of the Fishkill Supply Depot. Bob topic will be “Who Were The Common Soldiers of the Continental Army that served at Fishkill and Defended the Hudson River Valley?” The men who lived and died at Fishkill and participated in the turbulent wartime events along the vital waterway were the privates of the Continental Army and local farmers of the county militias who joined them at critical times. Bob examines their lives and their motivations in his new book, Searching for Yankee Doodle -Washington’s Soldiers in the American Revolution. This educational program will be at Hyatt House in Fishkill, Register by email wrmarsch@optimum.net.

Future Bob Mayers Events:

  • November 18, 2016, 8:00 pm, Sons of the American Revolution, Westfield, N.J.
  • November 19, 2016, 12:30 pm, Society of Mayflower Descendants. Suburban Country Club, Union, NJ
  • February 22, 2017  6:00 pm,  George Washington’s Birthday Party – Sponsored by the Washington Campground Association. Bridgewater, N.J.
  • February 25, 2017, 2:00 pm, Bridgewater Public Library
  • March 13, 2017,  7:00 pm, Hawthorne Public Library
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Bob Mayers to Speak at Historical Society on October 20, 2016

BFS21122300-Mayers2-280x200Historian and author, Bob Mayers will speak at the fall meeting of the New Providence Historical Society on the October 20, 2016, 7PM at the DeCorso Center, located at 15 East Fourth Street, New Providence, NJ.

Over the years, vastly different opinions have been offered by historians concerning the true nature of the most essential element of the War for Independence–the common foot soldier. For most of America’s history, little was known about the identity oYankeeDoodle CoverArt-600x900f these men, why they fought and how the war affected their lives. Yet the men of the Continental Army were the people most responsible for achieving America’s independence.

Who exactly were they and what inspired them to endure appalling hardships during the most critical time in American history?

Check out his website for other upcoming talks.

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Indie Author Day at Washington Township Library

October 8th is “Indie Author Day” at Washington Township Library. J.R. Bale will be there on the 11:30 Author Panel and Book Signing. Many other authors will be also there, so stop by and fall in love with a book.jrb-phoenix

The Library is located in Morris County, at 37 East Springtown Road,
Long Valley, NJ 07853.

Phoenix in the Middle of the Road

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“Searching for Yankee Doodle” Launched July 4th

YankeeDoodle CoverArt-600x900This Independence Day, Bob Mayers’s long awaited book, Searching for Yankee Doodle – Washington’s Soldiers in the American Revolution went on sale.

Unlike many other books documenting the period, Mayers focuses less on the generals and more on the conditions and challenges faced by the Continentals soldiers and militiamen. Many believe this is ayers’s best book yet.

Searching for Yankee Doodle is available in hardcover on Amazon.

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Children’s Author Kimberly Sentek Joins Page Bound Success

KimberlySentek01We are pleased to announce Kimberly Sentek has joined Page Bound Success. Kimberly is a former editor and the author of the adorable Nico & Tugger children’s series about two dogs who become brothers.

You can visit her website at kimberlysentek.com. We are very excited to have Kimberly join our ranks.

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J.R. Bale to be a Panelist at Norwood Book Festival – May 14th

JRB21080116s3On May 14, 2016, J.R. Bale will be a panelist at the Norwood Book Festival at the Norwood Library and grounds in Norwood, NJ. The topic for J.R. and his fellow panelist will be “Getting Down to Business: the Publishing Industry.”  His fellow panelists include L.G. O’Connor, Nancy Viau and Andy Rose.

J.R. will also do a signing for his novel, Phoenix in the Middle of the Road.

Norwood-LogoClick here for more information about the Norwood Book Festival, including other panels and readings. The festival has been organized by Dylann Rhea.

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Thriller Novelist Pam Hegarty Joins Page Bound Success

PamHegarty2Please welcome Pamela Hegarty to our group. Pam is the award-winning author of international best-sellers The Seventh Stone and The Emerald Tablet, thrillers with heart-pounding action, historical intrigue and cutting edge technology. And she has a third Christa Devlin novel coming soon.

Pam’s adventured in more than 40 countries on six continents. She’s summited Mount Kilimanjaro, backpacked the Inca Trail and was almost eaten by lions in the Serengeti. She has published ten guidebooks and more than 300 travel articles.

We are “thrilled” to have Pam join our ranks.

Click here to visit her website.
Click here to visit her Goodreads page.

SeventhStone EmeraldTablet
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