About Us

Page Bound Success is a place for writers in the New Jersey area to cooperate in the marketing of their work. You may be published by a small publisher or even self-published, but that doesn’t mean you have to be alone. We are committed to supporting one another’s publishing and promotional efforts. We share information, building a pool of knowledge previously only held by large publishing houses. We support each other’s marketing efforts through social media and in other ways.


Members should have published a quality book, novella or novelette, or a expecting to do so in the near future. There is no monetary charge for membership. However, it is expected that members will provide some mutual marketing support for the group, which could take the form of Tweets, posting reviews, and sharing information. The group is pretty casual. However, authors who join just to get another link to their website, and don’t support other members, may in due course be “de-linked”.

This group is sponsored by Balefire Communications LLC, which offers a variety of marketing services which authors may find useful. However, no user or member is under any obligation to purchase any Balefire services.


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