Our Authors

NJ Authors

J.R. Bale Phoenix in the Middle of the Road
Cognition Chronicles: The Redstone Legacy
Michael Stephen Daigle The Swamps of New Jersey
A Game Called Dead
The Weight of Living
Reyna Favis Soul Search
Soul Scent
Vivian Fransen The Straight Spouse: A Memoir
Kerry Gans The Witch of Zal
Kristina Garlick Sinners & Saints: A Patriot’s Manifesto
Arcadia: The Wayward Hero
Nevada Rain
Pamela Hegarty The Seventh Stone
The Emerald Tablet

Laura J. Kaighn Earth Child: The E.D. Piper Chronicles
Rabbit’s Tale & Other Rites of Passage: Parables for a Modern Age
Brian McKinley Ancient Blood
Bite Club
Drawing Dead
Robert Mayers The War Man
The Forgotten Revolution
Searching for Yankee Doodle
Bill Powers The Pharm House
The Torch is Passed
Amy M. Reade House of the Hanging Jade
The Ghosts of Peppernell Manor
Secrets of Hallstead House
Murder in Thistlecross
The Worst Noel
Dead, White and Blue
Trudy’s Diary
Kimberly Sentek Oh Brother! A Nico & Tugger Tale
Grumble and Tumble, A Nico & Tugger Tale

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