Bob Mayers Fall Speaking Series

BFS21122207-Bob-PistolAuthor and Revolutionary War historian, Bob Mayers, has begun his fall 2015 speaking schedule. He talks about local battles and lesser known details of the era. Bob’s current books in clude The War Man and The Forgotten Revolution.

  • October 15 at 7:30PM, Bob will speak at Daughters of the American Revolution-Beacon Fire Chapter, Summit Library, 75 Maple Street, Summit, N.J. on “The Forgotten Revolution in Central New Jersey-Revisiting Nearby Places of the American Revolution that have been neglected by History”  This talk will focus on events in the war near the Summit, N.J. area, including the march of the Continental and French Armies to Yorktown in 1781, the Battle of the Short Hills and the major encampments at Pompton, Jockey Hollow and Middle Brook.
  • October 21 at 6:00 PM, Bob Mayers will speak at Chatham Township Historical Society Annual Dinner at the Meyersville Inn, 632 Meyersville Rd, Gillette, N.J., on “The Forgotten Revolution in Nearby New Jersey – Revisiting Places of the American Revolution that have been neglected by History.” Events in nearby towns in your local area such as the march through New Jersey to Yorktown in 1781, The Battle of the Short Hills, Pompton and Jockey Hollow.

Bob’s next book, Searching for Yankee Doodle-Washington’s Common Soldiers in the American Revolution , early in 2016 by the American History Press.

More information on Bob Mayers events and books can be found on his website, You can also follow him on Twitter.

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