Reyna Favis Signs at Warren County Library

Reyna Favis will be signing her book, Soul Search, at Warren County Library, Saturday, January 14th at 1 PM. So if you’re in the Warren County area, stop by.

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We Begin 2017 by Welcoming Kerry Gans

kerrygansheadshotwitchofzal-287x430Please welcome to our group, Kerry Gans, a Middle Grade and Young Adult author. Her book, The Witch of Zal, is an ingenious steampunk retelling of The Wizard of Oz. To learn more about Kerry, visit her website at

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Welcome Supernatural Author Reyna Favis

Our newest member, Reyna Favis, holds a Ph.D. in biology and exerts her power as mistress of the dark arts of introversion through her blog, Introvert Broadcasting Network. Her previous publishing history
includes scholarly articles. When not writing, she responds to callouts as a canine handler for search and rescue. She lives in Warren County, New Jersey with her husband, a search dog and a coterie of pets.

You can visit her website at

Her supernatural thriller, Soul Search, is available on Amazon.

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“Arcadia: The Wayward Hero” Launches!

Congratulations to Kristina Garlick on the launch of her new book, Arcadia: The Wayward Hero. Available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon.

51jvarq-mwlImagine if a superhero fails to save a city and the villains win. With a city in ruins and no hope in sight, the United States Government has no choice but to surrender to the terrorists. Suddenly, the world becomes a darker, deadlier place for anyone who opposes Lord Boundary and his crew.

Arcadia Austin isn’t doing so well under the new regime but she has fared better than most ex-heroes. With the ability to blend in, Arcadia has the rare opportunity to start over, or in her case, drink her life away. However, given the chance to potentially beat the bad guys, will Arcadia choose to stay hidden or don her old superhero uniform?

We wish Kristina great success with her new book.

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Welcome Amy M. Reade, Mystery Author

amyreade-medPlease welcome to our group, Amy M. Reade, the author of three mystery novels: Secrets of Hallstead House, The Ghosts of Peppernell Manor, and House of Hanging Jade. She is currently working on Book Three of The Malice Novels, a houseoncandlewicklane-403x600series set in the United Kingdom. The first book in the series, The House on Candlewick Lane, will be released in February 2017.

We should all support her upcoming launch.

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Welcome Our New Members: Bill Powers & Kristina Garlick

powers-garlickWe are privileged to have these two novelists join our ranks. Bill Powers is a former pharmaceutical executive, who brought his expertise to his first novel, The Pharm House. He then followed up with his sequel, The Torch is Passed.

Kristina Garlick has been writing and publishing since she was a teenager. Her books include Sinners & Saints: A Patriot’s Manifesto. Her new novel, coming out in November, is called, Arcadia: The Wayward Hero. Please welcome and support our new members.

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10/30/2016 Event – Bob Mayers Speaks at Fishkill

Author and historian Bob Mayers will be part of a full-day program, sponsored by the Friends of the Fishkill Supply Depot. Bob topic will be “Who Were The Common Soldiers of the Continental Army that served at Fishkill and Defended the Hudson River Valley?” The men who lived and died at Fishkill and participated in the turbulent wartime events along the vital waterway were the privates of the Continental Army and local farmers of the county militias who joined them at critical times. Bob examines their lives and their motivations in his new book, Searching for Yankee Doodle -Washington’s Soldiers in the American Revolution. This educational program will be at Hyatt House in Fishkill, Register by email

Future Bob Mayers Events:

  • November 18, 2016, 8:00 pm, Sons of the American Revolution, Westfield, N.J.
  • November 19, 2016, 12:30 pm, Society of Mayflower Descendants. Suburban Country Club, Union, NJ
  • February 22, 2017  6:00 pm,  George Washington’s Birthday Party – Sponsored by the Washington Campground Association. Bridgewater, N.J.
  • February 25, 2017, 2:00 pm, Bridgewater Public Library
  • March 13, 2017,  7:00 pm, Hawthorne Public Library
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