9/22/2018: New Providence Book Festival!

New Jersey authors will sign books and talk to visitors at the New Providence Book Festival on Saturday, September 22, 2018, from 9am to 3pm. The festival, located on the grounds of the historic Salt Box Museum, (1350 Springfield Avenue, New Providence, NJ 07974) will include a series of author talks and readings. The rain date is 9/29/2018.

Speaker Schedule 

10:00Ginger Pate, reading from her book, Would You Invite a Skunk to Your Wedding?

10:30Laura Kaighn, reading from her book, Rabbit’s Tale and Other Rites of Passage

11:00Reyna Favis, “Search & Rescue Dogs and How It Lead to a
Supernatural Thriller” (A search & rescue demonstration will be included.)

12:00Amy M. Reade, “Location, Location, Location: Setting the Stage for an Exciting Novel”

1:00Bob Mayers speaking on his recent book Revolutionary New Jersey

2:00 – “Authors Roundtable: “Becoming an Author,” Vivian Fransen-moderator, Michael Stephen Daigle and Linda Raedisch

Author Parameters & Guidelines

  • Participating authors should promote the book festival online and through their networks.
  • Authors will be allowed one half of a six-foot table to display their books, sharing the table with another author. Please be respectful of your fellow authors. Positions will be assigned ahead of time.
  • Authors are asked to donate to the New Providence Historical Society, in lieu of a participation fee. (Donations are make a tax-deductible and support their scholarship fund.)
  • Authors keep 100% of their sales.
  • Authors will give a (festival-provided) raffle ticket to each person who purchases one of their books. Please see that the buyer has filled out the ticket legibly. Authors must sign the raffle ticket to be valid. This is meant as an incentive for people to buy more books.
  • The prizes include a $50 gift certificate to Moe’s Bistro and a voucher for an overnight stay at Murray Hill Hotel.
  • Do not park on the street in front of the museum. (These spaces are to be kept open for impulse visitors.) There is a parking lot diagonally across the street. Another one is down the street at the community pool. A volunteer will be available to help with drop off, carrying or other assistance.
  • Please keep an eye on one another’s books and supplies while they are away from their table.
  • The event will be photographed for publicity purposes for this and future book events. Participation as an author constitutes permission to use these images.

If there are any questions, you can contact me through the form on this website.

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